Maia Media is a company based in Barcelona, located in the center of innovation ESADE Creapolis, which aims to facilitate access to knowledge anytime, anywhere and from any device.

With this aim, Maia Media developed the project Zeniting. A product that share knowledge in the form of online presentations.

Maia Media innovates continuously in new technologies, applications and trends available on the market, as well as own developments. We can then choose the best combination for each customer with the ultimate goal of managing the best knowledge and make it accessible in the most suitable to its users.

For Maia Media, sources of research ideas and inspiration are essential, and to complement our knowledge and develop faster innovation within our company, we were involved from the start of the project ESADE Creapolis, a center for Open & Cross Innovation with a philosophy shared by our company.


  • Address:
  • Calle Orient 78-84, 2do 3ra
  • Sant Cugat del Vallés
  • 08173
  • +34 930 100 769