What is Zeniting?

Zeniting is a space for sharing knowledge: presentations, lectures, etc. that have associated Microsoft Office PowerPoint slides. The slide show is synchronized with the video (or audio) of the presentation.

General questions

It's simple. First, you have to register for free. When you were logged in, you will see a menu item that shows “New Presentation”. From there just follow the steps, indicating the video or audio files and the Microsoft Office PowerPoint file.

Once you have finished uploading the materials to make a new one (or modify an existing one), they wait to be precessed for the server. For this reason, your submission will not be seen until it is processed. Once complete, the system will notify you by email.

This is a beta version. You can only upload audio/video files up to 100Mb at most, these will play in Progessive Download (not in Streaming) and in a lower quality. Zeniting does not warrant that the presentation will be available indefinitely.

Yes. Zeniting offers personalized service regardless of the volume of files and with a full control over the contents. Graphic customization and integration with other platforms is also possible. You can request more information by sending an email to info@maiamedia.com

Zeniting supports more than 30 different formats of audio and video, among them are the most common formats.

Currently the free version of Zeniting only works with Microsoft Office PowerPoint, so you must upload the slides using one of the following formats: PPTX, PPT, PPSX or PPS.

The system does not process the transitions of a slide, so if you use them and want to keep them, we recommend you to convert each transition in a different slide.

If you use an unusual font, it is possible that the system can not recognize it and therefore you can not see well in the presentation.

The synchronization process consists in defining for each slide in the presentation when should be displayed (synchronization time). There are four ways to synchronize slides with video/audio.


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