The video is displayed on video streaming, the system downloads it on requirement, allowing jumps to any point in the video (optional ZPro and ZCustom versions).

Direct Access

The user can access a specific point of the presentation through the slide index, with the video scroll bar or using the search.

Complete Player

The player displays the elapsed time, total time and number of slides in the presentation, in addition to being able to be viewed in full screen format.


The platform has a search engine that allows direct access to the slide which is located.

Categories and Taxonomy

To facilitate access to the presentations, these can be classified into categories and include descriptions and tags.

Full management

The user administrator can manage their own presentations and decide the quality of each (versions zplus, ZPro and ZCustom).


The platform is multilingual.

Progressive Download

The video is displayed in progressive download (ZFree versions, and optional zplus ZPro).

Video with synchronized slides

The video (or audio) is played synchronized with the slides.