Applications of Zeniting, the platform for web conferencing

A format that looks pretty interesting when sharing these materials

Enrique Dans
Presentation of SIMO Network, at Zeniting

Online Plataform

Zeniting is a platform for publishing online webinars, ie, video presentations supported with slides (Power Point, PDF, Open Office).


The result is the publication of a presentation with a very high level of realism.


Anyone without technical skills can post a presentation.

Keep the knowledge

Zeniting is an ideal platform to retain the knowledge generated at conferences, seminars, lectures, etc. This allows us reuse and share information in an optimum manner.


Zeniting allows to test the platform creating a free webinar at (see Zeniting Free).

Zeniting can be used for:

Online Courses

Design an online course with your virtual classes. Just a videotaped lectures and publish it at Zeniting. This way attendees can review the contents or even follow the class remotely.

Create your own virtual classroom

You can create a virtual classroom with a presentation and all types of online documentation. The participants in the virtual classroom can make comments and hold a debate that can moderate the teacher's classroom.

Relive classes

It is a pity that some classes have been lost leaving only a faint memory in some people. With Zeniting you will retain knowledge without losing any detail of the classroom and repeat it as many times as you want.

Reuse knowledge

With Zeniting you can reuse knowledge without losing any detail of the original presentation as many times as you want.

Train your staff

Zeniting can use to train employees in the usual processes of your company, products, company practices, etc..

Training of distributors and customers

Explain new techniques, train distributors and customers in the operation of your products and services.

Access the conferences

The Congress is over, and all the amount of information generated, although valuable, are gone. With Zeniting, you can retain indefinitely all the conference papers and presentations to exploit them the way they think most appropriate.

Share presentations

Make presentations more interesting to reach your colleagues and friends. It does matter whether or not they attend the conference, you can find it available through Zeniting.

Do not miss any conference

Sure if you attended a Congress, you had wanted to be at two papers at the same time, or you thought you were watching the presentation that was perfect for your coworker. With Zeniting, these scheduling problems are over.

Find what you want easily

Thanks to a powerful technology, Zeniting indexes the contents of the presentations automatically and help you to find the information you seek. Zeniting presentations not only tell you which talk about what you're looking for but that will take you to the exact point of the conference. This will save time and efforts.

Share projects

Zeniting helps to share the presentations of your projects easily.

Transmit online seminars

Send your message through Zeniting. The video complemented with slides facilitate to understand. If you normally use in your slide presentations, why when you teach someone you just record a video? Come to the world of webinars with Zeniting.

Presents products

Explain your products and their specifications without fear, thanks to the slide support, everyone can understand your message.

Post online presentations

Publish all types of online presentations, advertising, educational, entertaining technical. Anything you want you can explain it through Zeniting.